Things every new homeowner should know

Things every new homeowner should know

February, 2020

It’s exciting to move into a new home, and it can be very tempting to jump the gun and get decorating straight away. However, there are some practical things you should address first which can save you lots of money.


Install a Smart Meter:

Smart Meters are an excellent way of monitoring your energy usage. They send your readings directly to your gas or electric providers, so you won’t have to. They also show exactly what you’re using in pounds and pence, so you can set a budget for how much you use per day, and adjust your usage accordingly.


Use a clotheshorse or install a washing line:

If you use a tumble dryer to dry your clothes every time you do laundry, you’re using a lot of energy that you can easily save. Pop to the shops, buy a large clotheshorse, and hang your damp laundry on it. The clotheshorse ideally should be placed in a warm, well-ventilated room to effectively dry the clothes, as well as minimise the risk of mould.

Alternatively, install a washing line outside so you can hang your clothes out on a fine day. This will dry your clothes just as well as a tumble dryer and won’t cost you any money.


Install energy efficient lightbulbs:

Although energy saving lightbulbs are more expensive than regular lightbulbs, they have a much longer lifespan, making them worth the investment. Consider installing them where they will be in use the most, such as in the kitchen and living room.

While on the topic of energy saving, you could also consider buying energy efficient appliances. Even if these appliances may be more expensive, they will be cheaper in the long run regarding energy usage.


Change the locks:

Many homeowners choose to change the locks and have new keys cut when they move into a new home. This could seem like an odd step, however you have no way of knowing where the old keys to the property have ended up, or who has them. To put your mind at ease, it would be a good idea to change the locks – remember to do the same to the garage if you have one.