When do you know if you’ve found the perfect home?

When do you know if you’ve found the perfect home?

August, 2019

Buying your first home is an exciting time – it’s where you’re going to put down your roots, maybe even where you’ll start a family. It’s also a big investment, and this can make it tricky to make a final decision. After all, it’s a commitment that you’ll be making for years to come, so you want to make sure you’ve made the best choice. It doesn’t need to be a scary process; keep in mind these few tips and you’ll find your perfect home in no time.


You feel comfortable

If you want to move into a home that needs no work, then you’ll want to be comfortable when viewing it. If you instantly recoil when stepping into the bathroom, or don’t fancy using the cooker that’s in the kitchen, this might not be the perfect home for you. Of course, these are things that can be fixed – if you want a fixer-upper, then these things won’t matter. However, if you want one that’s ready to move into, these are big things to consider.


It’s easy to imagine your furniture in it

If you can step into the property and see exactly where all of your furniture would go, then you’re onto a winner. Being able to envisage yourself living in the house is a good sign that you would like to live there. Alternatively, if you’re struggling to picture where to put your sofa and your chest of drawers, you’ll probably struggle if you actually moved in.


There’s everything you need

There are probably some basic criteria you’ll want to meet when viewing a property – it’ll need three, spacious bedrooms, or an open plan living room and kitchen. Don’t compromise on the basics just to speed up the process or cut corners on costs, as you’ll end up being disappointed later on down the line. Likewise, don’t discount houses that don’t meet the criteria instantly. It may not have enough bedrooms, but there’s a spacious loft that can be converted to your dream master bedroom and en suite. Work out what your needs are and whether this house can meet them.


The search is over

You might have seen a house you really like, but sometimes you want to view a few more just to be sure there’s nothing you like more. If you find yourself looking at houses and comparing it to one you viewed before, that means that you’ve most likely already found your perfect home.


Trust your instincts

When you walk into that perfect property, you’ll often just know. You may get a feeling in your gut that tells you that this is the right house. You’ve probably done your research before viewing the house – the location, how much you can afford, the nearby area. This means that there’s no reason not to trust your gut feelings. If you spend too long deliberating, it gives other people the chance to put in a higher offer than you were willing to make, and you’ll end up disappointed.