What you need to buy when moving into a new home

What you need to buy when moving into a new home

February, 2019

Depending on what type of property you’re moving into, you’re going to need to get yourself some furniture for your new home. Some rental properties will come fully furnished, but often when you are buying your own home you’ll need to start from scratch. Here are some items we think you should invest in for your property.


Kitchen equipment

You don’t realise how much you use in the kitchen until you move into a property with nothing in it. Measuring jugs, wooden spoons, bottle and tin openers, a vegetable peeler, these are all things that come in handy more than you realise. Cleaning products are also vital, like scrubbers for the dishes and a mop for spillages.



It won’t take long to discover that you have more stuff than storage, so you’ll probably need to invest in something to sort your belongings into. Especially in smaller apartments, being smart about storage is key. For example, get some storage boxes that can be slid under your bed to utilise the space. Shelving can also be an option, and a way to put your own stamp on the property by how you decorate them.


Bedroom bits

This one is probably a bit more obvious, but there are important things to consider. What size is your bed going to be? Sometimes what seems like a double can be a small double and you may end up buying the wrong headboard and sheets. Don’t forget about hangers for your clothes either.


Bathroom bits

You don’t need to worry about stocking out your bathroom as soon as you move in, but there are a few things you’ll probably need. Besides the shampoo and soap, you’ll probably need somewhere to put these. A little soap dish would be useful if you like to use bar soap. Pick up a bath mat so you don’t go flying across the bathroom after a shower. Other than that, a toilet brush might be worth picking up as well as some plasters and painkillers if you have a medicine cabinet.


Random essentials

Again, these may not be of pressing importance, but there are a few miscellaneous bits you may want to get. A laundry basket for your washing will come in handy. A torch and some batteries will help in the event of a power cut or if your TV remote runs out of juice. A few extra lightbulbs also wouldn’t go amiss.