Top tips for packing up your home

Top tips for packing up your home

April, 2019

Moving house is exciting, but packing up all of your current possessions can be time consuming and unorganised. It will always be a big task, but we have some tips that’ll make it just that bit more manageable.


You don’t have to spend a fortune

There are plenty of places where you can get packing boxes and supplies – but you probably don’t need to get as many as you think. Try going to your local shops to ask if they have any spare cardboard boxes they can give you. Most retailers will be happy for you to take them of their hands, and you won’t need to spend a penny. Make sure to grab yourself some bubble wrap and packing tape to keep everything safe.


Plan ahead

It may seem most obvious to pack by room, but when it comes to unpacking you’ll have a nightmare. You’ll soon realise that you won’t be able to unpack everything in one day, so the most important things will be lost in piles of your stuff. Pack by category – electricals, clothing, important documents, etc. Everything you’ll need immediately on day one, such as your phone charger or a kettle, should go into a separate box or bag so you don’t have to go rooting for them later. Make sure to label your boxes so that they’re easy to find.


Time to let go

Packing your stuff is the perfect opportunity to declutter. Chances are, you probably won’t want all the stuff you have hoarded at the bottom of the wardrobe. Set up a bag to bin and a bag to send to the charity shop and sort through before you start boxing up. Asking friends and family if they want anything can help get rid of any larger furniture that you don’t want to take on the move. Anything more valuable can be sold online or go to a car boot sale.


Pack smart

Start your packing as early as possible, especially things that you don’t have any intention on using such as Christmas decorations. Put anything heavy into smaller boxes to make them easier to carry, and don’t overfill the boxes. Make sure to line your boxes with lots of newspaper to project the objects inside, and wrap breakables in bubble wrap. Try not to leave any room for items to jostle about in the box – don’t overfill, but pack it tight.