Make your house festive this Christmas

Make your house festive this Christmas

December, 2019

Are you in the festive spirit this Christmas? Maybe you’re a first-time buyer decorating your house for the first time? Or perhaps you don’t usually decorate but you want to start this year. Either way, here are a few tips on how you can bring Christmas into your home this year.


Stick to one colour scheme:

It can be tempting to go all-out and buy a mish-mash of Christmas decorations, however this will lead to your house looking cluttered and unorganised. It would be cheaper, and easier, to stick to one colour scheme.


Put up a Christmas tree:

This is the central Christmas decoration, and should be placed in the most-used room. Typically, most people place Christmas trees in their living rooms or dining rooms. You can buy an artificial tree, which obviously lasts longer and is cheaper in the long-run. Alternatively, you can buy a real tree, however you will need to keep this in water or else it will shed its needles very quickly. Whichever option you choose, always keep your ceiling height in mind. You don’t want to buy a tree only to discover it can’t fit in your desired room!

If you live in a flat, or a small property with limited space, you could consider buying a small Christmas tree to place in a window. This will bring the festive spirit into your home without taking up all of your space.


Hang a wreath on your front door:

This is what visitors, and you, will see first. You want your house to appear welcoming, and a wreath does just that. Again, you can buy artificial wreaths to use year after year, or you can buy real wreaths typically made from holly leaves. Be careful though, as these are sharp!


Make your hallway welcoming:

Ideally, you’ll want to carry on the festive theme throughout the house. After walking through a wreath-covered door, visitors should discover an inviting and ‘warm’ hallway. You could put a scented candle or a gingerbread house on display, or put tinsel around your stair bannister/hallway mirror. You could also put fairy lights somewhere in your hallway, but make sure the lighting of them is ‘warm’ and not ‘white’ or LED.


Make homemade decorations:

Any household can do this, but it would be a particularly fun way of getting the children involved. You could cut snowflakes out of paper and hang them around the house, and you could also use felt to make other fun decorations. Glitter is a firm favourite among children, but use with caution as it does have a habit of getting everywhere!


The dining table is the focal point:

Aside from the Christmas tree, the dining table is the next main point of interest. You want to create that ‘wow’ factor on Christmas morning, and you needn’t break the bank. Try using a neutral table cloth and china, and then jazz it up. You could use a festive table runner, sparkly place settings, and place colourful crackers at every place setting. You can also sprinkle some festive confetti along the table to add a splash of colour. Consider placing some pillar candles on the table to add a cosy effect.


Play Christmas music:

Nothing quite activates the Christmas spirit more than some festive tunes. Ask your family and friends what their favourite songs are and create a playlist to have on in the background. Christmas films are another festive thing to have on in the background, which will add to the Christmas spirit.