How to throw the perfect New Year’s Eve party!

How to throw the perfect New Year’s Eve party!

December, 2019

Planning on having a casual get-together at your house this New Year instead of a night out?

Below is a list of things you can do to make your NYE party the party to be at:


Start with the lighting:

Lighting is so important! It dictates the mood and ambiance of the party. Candles are probably a no-go if guests get a little carried away as the night goes on, but there are plenty of other options!

  • Disco ball garlands – create a fun theme!
  • Fairy lights – creates a cosy vibe, maybe search for dangly star ones, or mini prosecco ones to go with the NYE theme.


Minimise the clean-up:

You don’t want to be hungover on New Year’s Day, faced with a massive clean up from the night before. Try to buy as many disposable items as possible – this will cut down on washing up time! You could use disposable table cloths, disposable cups, paper plates, etc. If you buy a disposable table cloth, jazz it up a bit with some confetti!

For your furniture, cover sofas and armchairs with throws or blankets just in case anything is spilled.


Set clear house rules:

To avoid coming across as a bossy host, you can set rules subtly. For example, if you want guests to remove their shoes as they come in, try leaving a couple of pairs by the front door. If this doesn’t work, try placing two baskets in the hall – one labelled ‘Shoes’, and the other containing socks and slippers for guests to borrow. If anyone asks, you could say that you’ve just had the carpets cleaned.


Wine glass charms:

These are a cute, festive way of sprucing up your wine glasses, but they also work as a way to help guests keep track of their drinks. You can buy ones that say “Happy New Year” with different coloured beads to help guests identify their glasses.


Party Poppers:

Let’s be honest, there is no age limit to party poppers. We all love them! Buy a couple of big bags of them, usually found at your local supermarket, and use them when the clock strikes midnight! They could also dissolve any awkward midnight kiss tension.


NYE Props:

The best part of any New Year’s Eve party is the props. The funny glasses, hats, and signs are a great way to bring some fun to the party, and will be conversation starters for guests who have never met before. A photo booth would be a great addition to the party, as well as accompanying photo booth accessories!


Party Food:

Food is key to any party. You’ll typically have guests from around 7pm – 2am, so you’ll need to have enough food on hand to feed your guests through the night! One tip is to have loads of nibbles in dishes spread around the house.

You could buy canapes from your local supermarket to heat up in the oven quickly and then serve to guests. Also having simple snacks like chips and dips available are great for guests to graze on. Make sure you have vegan/vegetarian options available just in case any of your guests have dietary requirements.



Before your guests get too intoxicated, games are great fun for everyone to be involved in! You can get out the usual guessing games, or you could go down the drinking game route. Prosecco Pong, Shot Roulette, and Gin Pong are all fun games that will have your guests tipsy very quickly!


Stock up on the bubbly!

Last, but not least, have plenty of beverages at the ready! You don’t want to be in a situation where you’ve run out and no shops are open for you to restock!