How to make the most of your space this Christmas

How to make the most of your space this Christmas

December, 2018

Christmas is approaching, and if you haven’t done so already you may be thinking about putting up your decorations. Sometimes it’s hard to decorate in a way that puts you in the festive spirit but doesn’t fill your home with clutter. By being creative you can have the perfect balance, and we’ve got some tips on how to make the most of your space this Christmas without having to compromise.


1. Get a tree to suit the space.

Most of us want a Christmas tree, but one that’s too big can make the room feel cramped and leave little room for other decorations. You can make any tree look beautiful with nice ornaments, so try to look for a tree that doesn’t take up too much of your space. If you want to make a smaller tree look bigger, try placing it on a table top or stool to give it some height. Wrap your presents early to use as decoration under the tree for that extra special touch.


 2. Let there be light!

Fairy lights aren’t intrusive and can be inexpensive, so use them as a simple way to make your home feel magical. Hang them from the ceiling, around doorframes, or even across shelves. They won’t take up any space and will instantly make a room feel brighter and cosy. If you have neutral walls, try using colourful lights to make them stand out.


3. Decorate your furniture.

Decorations don’t have to clutter up your home. Wrap tinsel and lights around your banister, hang wreaths on end tables, drape garlands over your mirrors. Making the most of what you already have can really bring the space to life. Use decorations to compliment what you already have, not add to it.


4. Make the most of every room.

It isn’t just the living room that you can make magical this Christmas. Put ornaments on your dining table or tie ribbon to your kitchen cupboards. Even simple things like Christmas themed tea towels and bedding can instantly give you that Christmas feeling without taking up any extra space. Spread out your decorations to make the whole home feel Christmassy.


5. Use all your senses.

Your home doesn’t need to have a lot of tinsel and baubles to feel like Christmas.  A nice Christmas scent in your home can make anyone who walks in feel ready for the holidays. Pick up a Christmas themed candle, or make your own with a homemade potpourri. Gingerbread and cinnamon have the perfect scents to remind us of the time of year.