How to increase your chances of selling your house.

How to increase your chances of selling your house.

November, 2019

So you have made the decision to move home. Whatever your reasons for wanting to sell, you will now want get the most you can for your home – and potentially as quickly as possible. Here are some top tips on how to make your home stand out.


Choose the right estate agent for you

A good estate agent can do much to sell your house faster and for more money.  You’ll need to look for someone who has excellent marketing skills, and who is able to maximise viewings but it also helps to have personal rapport with that person. At No86, customer service and a personal relationship always comes first.


Carefully consider your asking price

Research the sale prices of similar houses in your area. Keep in mind the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the property, as well as garden size and any other desirable features you can think of.

It’s worth speaking to different estate agents before you decide on a price. Don’t be greedy or be sucked in by unrealistic valuations. Ask the agent to explain how they reached that price, and compare it to other similar houses on the market.


Increase your home’s ‘kerb appeal’:

Simple things such as maintaining your front lawn, ensuring outdoor bins are tidy, putting hanging baskets outside, and keeping blinds/curtains open create a good impression from the outset.

You could also give your front door, fence, or gate a fresh lick of paint if they’re looking a bit tired and weather-beaten.

Declutter your home:

If the interior of your home is untidy and dirty, buyers will instantly have a bad impression, no matter how big your house is.

You don’t have to make the home look immaculate. Simple things such as cleaning windows, turning on lights, hoovering & dusting, lighting the fire, and tidying away any washing up makes all the difference when it comes to a house-viewing. Ensure beds are made, bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned, and the lawn is mown. If you have a patio, try to weed it before a viewing.


Define each room:

If your dining room is full of paperwork or kids toys, tidy them away and return the room to its original purpose. If you have lots of posters or family photos on the walls, consider putting them away so that buyers can see the potential of the space.


Be clear with potential buyers:

It’s important to be completely honest with everyone who comes to view your home. Tell them why you are selling, the timescale in which you are looking to move out, and any questions about monthly bills and house maintenance. If there are any issues with the house, such as damp or old electrics, it’s better to tell buyers from the outset. Also be prepared for questions about neighbours and the local area, including schools and transport links.


Stay out of the way:

Potential buyers don’t want to be shadowed throughout the whole viewing. Let them explore the property on their own, but make yourself available for any questions they may have. Greet them warmly when they arrive, and thank them when they leave – this will leave a good impression.