First-time seller? Here’s how to help your house stand out from the rest!

First-time seller? Here’s how to help your house stand out from the rest!

September, 2018

Below are some tips on how you can make your home as inviting as possible:


Declutter your home

With 22% of buyers saying that clutter deterred them from making an offer, it is worth taking the time to declutter your home before you put it on the market. Clear away any unnecessary bits and bobs scattered around your home to give the illusion of a space and allow potential buyers to more easily envision themselves in your home.

Keep it fresh and clean

First impressions count, so make an extra effort to ensure that all rooms are thoroughly cleaned and smelling fresh before you allow viewings. Have carpets professionally cleaned and place nice smelling items – such as flowers or reed-diffusors – around your home. This will brighten up your home and make it smell more inviting. That extra bit of effort and investment can go a very long way!

Fix any problems

Don’t let a broken gate or cracked tile put potential buyers off, as they may begin to wonder what else in your home is broke! Small problems are easily fixed and could save you time and money in the long-run.

Think neutral colours

Give your house a fresh lick of paint, particularly if you haven’t given them some attention in a few years! Keeping it light and neutral with whites and creams will make your home look fresher and larger. It also acts as a blank canvas for potential home buyers, as they can envisage what they would do with your house, should they buy it!

Utilise mirrors

Mirrors are a great tool for giving the illusion of space. Focus on areas where space is most limited, such as hallways and bathrooms. I also like a grand mirror above the fireplace – it reflects the wall opposite and again, gives the impression of a large room.

Hide animal paraphernalia

Animals and animal paraphernalia are high on the list of things which deter potential buyers, so be sure to keep your pets out of the way and hide any pet paraphernalia before you have viewings round.